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BioTech Foods

During the past 40 years, global production of meat has grown steadily. Increase in production of poultry meat by a factor of 7.0.

The next 40 years: the demand for livestock products will continue to grow, and it will become increasingly challenging to meet that demand. In 2050, 2.3 times as much poultry meat.

BioTech Foods

BioTech Foods technology is based on industrially scalable techniques.

Our processes are based on tissue growth by in vitro cell culture processes, which are the processes by which cells are grown outside of their natural environment. We regulate their physico-chemical conditions for providing a nice and controlled environment for natural proliferation and healthy tissue growth.

Healthy Food

Meat for All reduces obesity problems and specific health problems like cholesterol.

Low Risk Food

Meat for All lowers the emergence of new diseases and avoids the use of antibiotics.

Sustainable Food

Meat for All reduces total emissions from global livestock, representing currently 14.5% of all anthropogenic Green House Gas emissions.

Animal Care Food

Meat for All balance animal welfare and human beings’ biologic needs, improving animal living conditions.

“Fifty years hence we shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium.”

Winston Churchill

Fifty Years Hence, in “Thought and Adventures”

BioTech Foods
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