Cultured Meat

BIOTECH FOODS is among the few leading initiatives worldwide that develops technology for the production of Cultured Meat. Industrial livestock production presents a growing problem on a global scale in terms of animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and human health. Biotech Foods develops technology to produce cultured meat, in which animal tissue is grown in a controlled environment using cell culture technology, thereby making the raising and killing of animals for food unnecessary. This approach shows great potential of meeting all the requirements of a humane, sustainable and healthy form of meat production.


Each year, tens of billions of sentient animals are reared in industrial conditions in order to produce meat. This global enterprise is currently the planet’s main source of human pandemic diseases and likely among its greatest concentrations of human inflicted suffering. Curbing this ongoing moral catastrophe should thus be of high concern for people aiming to effectively help as many sentient beings as possible. Moreover, animal agriculture contributes to climate change and makes inefficient use of a significant portion of our available resources.

Addressing this massive challenge would ideally involve a worldwide shift to a vegetarian lifestyle, but such a shift is unlikely to take place in our lifetimes. Humans around the world namely place a high value on meat in terms of taste, nutrition, and tradition, evidenced in part by a clear rise in global meat consumption over the past half century — a trend strongly associated with economic empowerment of developing countries. Even though vegetarianism has also witnessed steady growth in recent years, its growth pales in comparison to the global demand for meat, with the latter predicted to increase by 73%within 2050. Meanwhile, plant-based meat substitutes have, despite decades of costly improvements, not been sufficiently effective at replacing meat in people’s diets. Biotech Foods technology is able to introduce a cruelty-free replacement for meat with the ability to counter conventional livestock-production.

Cultured Meat

Enter cultured meat, an innovative way of synthesizing meat from animal tissue samples. Compared with conventional methods of meat production — which involve the breeding, raising, feeding, and slaughter of living animals— cultured meat instead involves using a cell sample to grow desired tissue in a controlled environment, making use of biotechnology originally developed for medical research and organ transplants. Biotech Foods technology complement conventional meat, launching new products that meet consumer needs for a healthy and tasty food. Indeed, cultured meat offers vast benefits in terms of animal welfare, environmental impact and human health.