Real. 100% animal based. Our meat is completely animal based. Cells are painlessly harvested from a sample of animal tissue, which multiply in a biological environment controlled by humans, in the same way as they would in the animal’s body.

Healthy. Proteins are an essential part of a healthy diet. Cultivated meat is high in animal protein, with 0% fat, which helps reduce obesity and other health issues like cholesterol. It is a lean, healthy meat that is ideal for the whole family.

Sustainable. Cultivated meat makes an efficient use of natural resources like land and water. Cultivated meat reduces greenhouse gases emissions since it does not produce methane though enteric fermentation.

Tasty. Tasty and nutritious. Cultivated meat offers animal high quality protein and is processed in multiple different ways for consumption, such as ham, nuggets and meatballs. Consumers can enjoy the recipes they love with Cultivated meat.

Safe. Cultivated meat is produced in a completely safe biological environment, free from all types of viruses, and all foodborne diseases.

Cultivated meat is sustainable, 100% natural, animal based, slaughter-free, and high quality protein.